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Caddy Van

Caddy Van
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Caddy Maxi Van
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Caddy Maxi Crew Van
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Key Features


The Caddy Van is available with either short (2,682mm) or Maxi wheelbase (3,006mm). Short wheelbase models are 4,408mm long, and have a 3.2m³ cargo capacity.The Maxi Van is 4,878mm long, with a 4.2m³ cargo area.The Caddy Crewvan is Maxi only.


The new Caddy has been thoroughly enhanced – outside and inside. The new, high-quality finish on the cockpit impresses with its clearly arranged instrument cluster and easy grip sports style steering wheel. This can be adjusted forward and backwards, up and down.


Safe on the road. Even in critical situations. To ensure that every drive ends as stress­free as it begins, the new Caddy is equipped with various safety systems, which are activated in critical situations as a preventative measure.


Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles with BlueMotion Technology as standard are in line with the “Think Blue.” concept: to develop fuel-efficient vehicles that place less burden on the environment over their entire lifetime.